Business Services

Retail Consulting

The art of retailing is a complex mix of product knowledge, developing a client base and perfecting the science of selling. In a luxury environment, the combination of these factors can make or break a business. We assess your company’s efficiency in all three areas, revising efforts in clienteling, visual merchandising and marketing while keeping your business at the forefront of the luxury retail landscape.

Corporate Identity Editing

Knowing and communicating your company’s luxury brand identity, inside and out, is the proven way to appeal to your targeted audience. Through an analysis of your company’s commercial framework, we develop your corporate communication, design and behavior while honing in on the tools necessary to advance your day-to-day business.

Aesthetic Consulting

Core to any company’s strategic vision is refinement of the aesthetic self. From the shade of green paint on the walls to the placement of an objet d’art in an office, the nuances of design can make a world of difference to a consumer. We consult our clients on the functionality of their aesthetic concepts, keeping a focus on their mission while identifying factors key to maintaining a luxurious artistic balance.


Through a series of workshops and a la carte courses, we seek to bridge the experiential divide that plagues many businesses in regards to a luxury identity. Classes range from dinner etiquette and wine pairing to luxury branding and French for the business traveler.